Pneumatically-actuated Impulse Microelectrode Array Inserter Key Concepts Enables the insertion of high-density microelectrode arrays into neural tissues. Adjustable insertion depths, typically 0.5, 1.0 or 1.5 mm. Insertion time less than 1 ms to insure complete implantation.

Cost  - $3950


General Description

The Cyberkinetics Microelectrode Array Inserter is a pneumatically-actuated system that permits the complete insertion of high density microelectrode arrays into cerebral cortical tissues with minimal tissue insult. The very large surface area of the set of penetrating needles that make up the Cyberkinetics Microelectrode Array permits excellent, long term recording stability, but the high density of electrodes makes it difficult to implant them in neural tissues in a conventional manner. Trying to push the array into the tissues only mechanically depresses the surface of the tissue, resulting in incomplete insertion of the array and potential tissue trauma. However, the viscoelastic nature of neural tissues makes it possible to insert the array with a high velocity implantation technique. Our pneumatically- actuated inserter has been designed to use a momentum impulse technique to insert the 1.5-mm long 100-electrode arrays into feline and primate cerebral cortical tissues in about 0.2 ms.


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